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Our Facebook group is a great place to share with other parents your own personal experiences with raising children in the information age. What are your challenges? How do you face them? Tell the group and let them share with you. Let's work together to inspire our children to go outside and play, read a book, take up a new hobby, learn a skill or whatever you can think of. Here is also a great place to get new ideas, set up playdates or just enjoy a good anecdote.

What else could this group do? We are listening!

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Informative and Entertaining.

Every and anything that moves children to get off the tablet. Learn a new sport, find a new hobby, explore the world around you, its all here in video.

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We are always looking for guest bloggers or video contributions. The subject matter must meet the criteria of our mission statement and will be branded with kidswithouttablets logos or advertising. Your work will be rewarded with both proper recognition of your creative rights as well as a link to a suitable target site of your choice.